Pineapple Juice Is The Key To Your Teens Wisdom Tooth Recovery

Pineapple Juice Is The Key To Your Teens Wisdom Tooth Recovery

If you read that title and said, "Wait, what?" you’re not alone.


This health hack took social media by storm a while back, as countless people swore pineapple juice helped them recover from wisdom tooth removal.


And if your teen is about to get theirs extracted, you might wonder if you should stock up on this delicious beverage.


Here’s everything you need to know about pineapple juice and wisdom tooth recovery.


What Is Pineapple Juice Supposed to Do for Wisdom Tooth Recovery?


Right after the wisdom tooth is pulled from its socket, the body will try to heal that area. A blood clot forms in the area to protect the sensitive nerves and tissues, and the gums will slowly close.


However, the process is often very uncomfortable. It’s common for patients to feel pain and swelling during it. Pineapple juice is supposed to reduce swelling and control pain, leading to a more comfortable recovery. Some people even claim it can speed up the process.


Does Pineapple Juice Work?


There is some truth to this health hack. Pineapple naturally contains a compound called bromelain, which has been shown to have both pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties.


As a result, drinking pineapple juice can technically help with wisdom tooth recovery, but there is a big caveat here.


Pineapple has a lot more compounds than just bromelain. In order to get close to the amount of bromelain needed for pain relief, you would have to drink lots of juice to feel the effects.


Should Your Teen Give This Health Hack a Shot?


You should not give your teen pineapple juice as the only remedy to control wisdom tooth extraction healing.


First, pineapple juice, when consumed in large quantities, can lead to an upset stomach or even nausea. Drinking lots of this juice could lead to some extra discomfort for your teen.


Moreover, pineapple juice is full of sugars, which are bacteria’s favorite food source. The mouth is already vulnerable after wisdom tooth extraction, so it’s not a good idea to feed the harmful bacteria its primary fuel.


How to Help Your Teen Recover from a Wisdom Tooth Extraction


A glass of pineapple juice here and there won’t necessarily hurt, but your teen would feel a lot better with these measures:

  • Taking OTC pain medication like ibuprofen
  • Placing a cold compress on the cheek
  • Continuing to take care of their oral health
  • Chew on the other side of the mouth.
  • Gently rinsing the mouth with saline water, etc.


Your dentist can provide more personalized tips for your teen.


How Acacia Dental Care, LLC Can Help


If your teen has a problematic wisdom tooth, bring them to their dentist in Shorewood to find out if they need an extraction.


Contact us to schedule an appointment with Acacia Dental Care, LLC online, or call us at (414) 212-8291 to learn more about us.

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